ZAP (OTC-BB: ZAAP) Moves to Complete Jonway Acquisition

Dec,21, 2010
Electric vehicle pioneer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) completed its initial down payment of US$10 million towards the 51% acquisition of Jonway Automobile. Jonway Automobile plans to complete an audit of its financial statements by December 31, 2010 and thereafter, ZAP intends to finalize the acquisition with the payment of the US$19 million balance of the US$29 million purchase price.

ZAP Jonway factory
Jonway Automobile reported sales of over 4,000 gasoline vehicles through the end of September 2010, and projects total sales of over 6,500 vehicles by December 31, 2010. Jonway Automobile reported that wholesale sales prices of the vehicles averaged US$10,000. Jonway Automobile projects year-end revenues for 2010 to increase more than 40% compared to last year with its current gasoline vehicle product line. Jonway Automobile reports that it is debt-free, cash flow positive and able to finance its gasoline product revenue growth at the same rate for 2011.
Under the new equity structure, Jonway Automobile will be 51% owned by ZAP, and 49% by its original parent Jonway Group. This equity ownership transfer was approved by the Chinese government on October 3, 2010. Jonway Automobile plans to ramp up production of the A380 SUV electric vehicle (EV) in the first half of 2011 together with ZAP’s Alias EV by third quarter 2011 at their Sanmen, Zhejiang factory. By combining Jonway Auto’s ISO 9000 manufacturing facilities, capable of delivering over 50,000 vehicles per year, with ZAP’s EV technologies, products and expertise, the company aims to lead the emerging EV fleet market in China.
Alex Wang (Wang Gang) was recently appointed by ZAP’s board to be Co-CEO of ZAP. ZAP Jonway will expand the market to sell both gasoline and EVs from China to rest of the world.

ZAP Jonway recently showcased its EV product line at the 25th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Shenzhen to launch its EV sales in China targeting volume production delivery by the first half of 2011.

Focused on delivering quality products, Jonway started to sell its A380 SUV product line last year, offering quality and value incorporating a Mitsubishi power train. ZAP Jonway plan to enhance manufacturing facilities to produce electric vehicles in Jonway’s 3.6 million square feet of factory facilities on the 141 acres of land in Sanmen, Zhejiang Province, China.

Gasoline prices in U.S. is likely to hit season high. Will lithium become the new oil?

Crude oil prices closed above $90 a barrel for the first time in two years, raising the likelihood that U.S. gasoline prices will reach an average of $3 a gallon for the first Christmas ever.

California already far surpassed that point this season — the average pump price was $3.28 Wednesday, according to the U.S. Energy Department. Experts said it's heading for $4 and more in parts of the state.

A gasoline price spike now would be even worse than it was back in 2008," said Stephen Stone, a 48-year-old computer scientist from Norwalk, because "the economy was booming then and people could afford it more."

Stone has already curbed his use of fossil fuels. He uses a Zap Zebra electric car for trips around town, but it has only a 40-mile range before needing a recharge. He uses a 2006 Town and Country van for longer drives.

Gasoline prices in U.S. is likely to hit season high. Will lithium become the new oil?

Lithium is predicted to turn into the most sought – and fought over – commodity on the planet according to the world’s industry sectors. China, Chile, Australia, America and many more countries are all investing to support the demand for lithium metal, which is set to grow as car makers increasingly look to lithium as a fuel solution.

ZAP begins Green City Development Project with Shanghai's Yangpu District

Since ZAP Jonway CEO Steve Schneider joined the Bay Area Council in September 2010, regional ties with Chinese auto industry have been reaching ground breaking levels.

ZAP signed an MOU agreement 
The Bay Area Council (, opened an office in June 2010 in the Yangpu District of Shanghai to help Bay Area businesses expand into the Chinese market, while working to attract Chinese businesses and investment to that region. It has also held major conferences in China      on venture capital and green technology while hosting and sending senior delegations to China. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger participated in some of the trade mission which weighted on ZAP Jonway's successfull deal with the government of Shanghai's Yangpu District to develop a Green City Zone in Yangpu's downtown, home to 1.24 million of people,using electric vehicles for its public transportation while installing also the EV charging infrastructure, battery swap-out stations and maintenance support centers.

ZAP Jonway CEO Steven Schneider
“New plug-in vehicle technologies from ZAP, together with Jonway’s cost effective manufacturing in China, will accelerate the implementation of our Green Project with Yangpu. This truly bridges the best aspects of both the US and China, leveraging the strengths of the technological innovation in the Bay Area and Yangpu,” said ZAP CEO Steve Schneider,

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
“We have just started the initial planning of this long term project. The hard work of implementation and operations is ahead of us. We believe that the project planning and resourcing will be a yearlong process. We are pleased to be part of Yangpu’s Green Project and share Party Secretary Chen Yin’s vision and commitment to delivering his objectives,” says ZAP Chairman Dr. Priscilla Lu.

To execute these plans and better access the Chinese market, ZAP Jonway will open its EV sales and operations office in the Yangpu District and plans to establish its research and development engineering center in the district to take advantage of the university communities, that within the 24 square mile district of Yangpu there are 14 universities surrounding the Knowledge Innovation Center (KIC), a technology community that includes Fudan University and Tongji University, making this area one of the leading research centers in China on Clean Tech.
About ZAP
Based in Santa Rosa, ZAP has been a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry since 1994, engaging in the design, development, commercialization and distribution of 100% pure electric vehicles and power systems, and delivering a wide range of vehicle designs to consumers and fleet customers in the United States and international markets for sixteen years.The company supplies electric trucks and vans to military, government and corporate fleets and offers personal transportation products including electric motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and some of the only electric city-speed vehicles in production today. ZAP is also developing a freeway capable electric vehicle called the ZAP Alias that was a finalist in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.

About Jonway
Jonway is the trade name of Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd., an automobile manufacturer based in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China that currently produces several thousand units per year of two SUV models, the A380 3-door and the A380 5-door.Built in 2009, Jonway’s modern 3.6 million square foot factory on 141 acres is ISO9000 certified and has the capacity to produce up to 30,000 units per year.It employs over 800 workers and distributes its vehicles in China through 80 factory direct dealers and hundreds of factory authorized dealers.Jonway Auto is a subsidiary of Jonway Group, which has been a leader in the manufacturing of motorcycles, ATVs and related products for more than 20 years.

ZAP Jonway CEO Joins Bay Area Council to Strengthen Regional Ties with China (Sep,4,2010) 

ZAP Begins Project Development on Green City Partnership with Shanghai’s Yangpu District (Dec,17,2010)


I picked out a chinese saying that come from Ji Hongchang, a military officer, as the title of this article It means: Man's every move is to write his history.

"What is the electric car?" make an effort to promote electric cars in marketplace, and this is as a step attempting to make a success in the development history of EVs.

Gary Dodd,Ginny, Kang 

We enter an historic time with real, mainstream electric cars poised to come to market.  Still, there seems to be a great deal of confusion and controversy around them, which is one reason why we like the new documentary premiering in Hollywood on December 14, “What is the Electric Car?” but not the only reason.

We really like “What is the Electric Car?” because our very own Ginny is one of the stars of the film.  Yes, THE Virginia (Ginny) Scales-Medeiros, mother of two, entrepreneur, inventor, auto maven and electric car proponent extraordinaire.

The story of how Ginny earned a role in the documentary “What is the Electric Car?” is somewhat ironic.  Ginny is perhaps the most outgoing, gregarious person we work with, and the perfect person to help represent ZAP for its Detroit Auto Show debut.  2010 was the very first year that Detroit’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) hosted a display dedicated to electric cars called “Electric Avenue.” ZAP was invited to display its Alias electric car in Detroit as part of the lead-up to the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.

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ZAP Jonway CFO-Bill Hartman come to Beijing Office

ZAP JONWAY CFO-Bill Hartman come to Beijing representitive office this Tuesday. Mr. Bill talk to the employees here about their work and share opinion of company development.

 Top Traders at OTC on 11/24/2010 -ZAAP Top Traders at OTC on 11/24/2010: (HHWW, LFBG, MITK, IMDS, AMOK, ZAAP)

ZAP (OTC:ZAAP) closed on $0.990 moving up by 14.45% with total traded volume 927,724.00, ZAP designs, produces and sells fully electric and other advanced technology vehicles.

The Gravitational Pull of China

A recent report from iSuppli, an El Segundo technology research firm, predicts China will dominate nearly 72 percent of new photovoltaic manufacturing capacity this year.

Chinese companies hold seven of the positions on iSuppli’sT op 10 list, representing 6,445 megawatts of manufacturing capacity.
The back end of yet another green tech vehicle headed for manufacture in China. 

Zap making big move into China


Jonway purchase would bring access to enormous Zheijang production plant

SANTA ROSA – Zap’s electric vehicles will most likely go into high-volume production in China.

The company’s pending 51 percent stake in Jonway Automobiles in the Zheijang Province of China will bring major changes to the 50-employee Santa Rosa pioneer of Zero Air Pollution vehicles, which got its start in Sonoma County in the 1970s.
Zap Jonway, as the new company will be called when the deal is finalized, will manufacture and sell both gasoline and electric vehicles.

ZAP Signs Agreement With Shanghai Officials

Shanghai officials have contracted Santa-Rosa based EV maker ZAP to provide charging stations, battery swap facilities and maintenance depots for the city's commercial Yangpu district. 

ZAP will also be working on a pilot electric vehicle eco-city program, incorporating vehicles developed by ZAP in Yangpu's bus, taxi and government fleets, with sales and marketing offices and research and development centers to be located there.

DManuel: What a wonderful morning for our ZAAP stock symbol...

DManuel: What a wonderful morning for our ZAAP stock symbol...: "Monday 22st of November, and I'm still a beijinger enjoying a beautiful sunshine from my office window, nostalgic of the outs and abouts of ..."

ZAPJonway's Good Performance on Stock Market with providing Update on Jonway Acquisition

 Zap(BB) Stock Chart (ZAAP)
  • Electric vehicle pioneer ZAP completed its initial down payment of US$10 million towards the 51% acquisition of Jonway Automobile. 
  • Jonway Automobile plans to complete an audit of its financial statements by December 31, 2010 and thereafter, ZAP intends to finalize the acquisition with the payment of the US$19 million balance of the US$29 million purchase price.  
  • Jonway Automobile plans to ramp up production of the A380 SUV electric vehicle (EV) in the first half of 2011 together with ZAP’s Alias EV by third quarter 2011 at their Sanmen, Zhejiang factory. 
  •  Jonway Automobile reported sales of over 4,000 gasoline vehicles through the end of September 2010, and projects total sales of over 6,500 vehicles by December 31, 2010.
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ZAP and Jonway Auto Show Lineup at 25th Internationaicle Symposium (EVS-25) Electric Vehicle

Nov 08 2010
ZAP Jonway Exhibit at EVS-25 November 5-9 in Shenzhen, China
ZAP Jonway A380 Electric SUV/TAXI Exhibit at EVS-25
ZAP Jonway is showing off some of its most up to date electric vehicles at EVS-25. The ZAPPY3, the ZAPINO, ZAP DUDE electric ATV and the Electric SUV/ Taxi are commanding everyone’s attention. There is a great deal of interest for the Remy motors that we are displaying in the booth. The electric SUV/TAXI has been the focal point for the visitors to our stand. People from Hong Kong and UK are asking for right-hand steering wheels. Technology suppliers have been requesting the opportunity of testing their equipment in the A380. Having a great deal of interest from distributors in many parts of the world for using our ZAP fleet vehicles, Germany, Italy and Australia. A lot of sales interest for the ZAP DUDE. We’ve even noticed engineers from competing companies just couldn’t resist coming over to learn about our vehicles. People are also having fun test riding the ZAPPY3. Enthusiasts and friends of ZAP and Jonway are also visiting to say hello, including Lotus Engineering, Japanese Media, Chinese Media and high level executives from Jonway. We expect an even busier day tomorrow.

ZAP and Remy Electric Motors Sign Strategic Development and Supply Agreement

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 5, 2010 

Remy Electric Motors, LLC, has been named the new electric motor supplier
to ZAP (OTC Bulletin Board: ZAAP). Today ZAP Founder Gary Starr and Remy
Electric Motors General Manager Kevin Quinn told an audience of exhibitors
and participants at this year’s World Electric Vehicle Symposium and
Exposition (EVS) in Shenzhen, China, that the two companies have signed a
long term motor supply and development agreement. Remy HVH 250 electric
motors will now be used globally in ZAP’s cars and sports utility vehicles.
Additionally, ZAP is developing a drivetrain with the Remy motor for use in
automotive platforms of ZAP and those of several Chinese vehicles.

The Third day of EVs25 in Shenzhen

The openning ceremony was hold today. The openning time is one hour ahead, so we went to our stand earlier than before.What we need to do before the exhibition beginning is to preparation work, including clear the car, prepare the brochure which we can offer to visitor.

Gary Starr, Derictor of R&D, come to our ZAP Jonway's stand in the morning. He talk to employee about our exhibited EV, take photos with our client who order our popular ZAPPY3.

The Second Day of EVs25 in Shenzhen

Nov.6, Saturday, Today is second day of Shenzhen EVs25.There are more visitors than yesterday because many people is on their vacation. There is no doubt they choose going to the electric vehicle exhibition.

We introduce our EV to visitors, including professionals in specific area of electric vehicle industry, dealer of EVs and fans of electric cars. Our well-designed vehicle and four companies products(ZAP, Jonway, Remy electric motor and Betterworld zCharger exhibited in our stands attract the eyeballs of vistors.

ZAP Jonway's CEO Steven Schneider come to the exhibition booths to have an interview with related professionals.

ZAP Jonway EV25 in Shenzhen

It is our first day in EV25 Shenzhen.A great number of people had great interested in our electric vehicle. We exhibited our SUV/Taxi,Dude,Zappy3 in the show.
Our main task is to introduce our electric vehicle to visitors,and distribute our brochure and little present to them. Many people were attracted by our creative EVs, especially ZAPPY3, a lot of people have a try to drive zappy, which have a deep impression on ZAP Jonway's EV and the new company.
ZAP Jonway SUV


ZAP Dude

Our partner Remy Electric Motors


1.  The Alias.
2.  Key Innovations.
3.  ZAP Jonway Year 2010: Alias Project.
4. Alias perspective of 2010.

ZAP Alias  is a 100% plug-in electric three-wheeled  roadster vehicle designed in a configuration of two wheels in front,one in the rear end. Employs unique automotive design and manufacturing techniques in order to achieve the company's main goal of practicality and affordability.

Key Innovations: Alias

• High performance, three‐wheeled design

• Advanced lightweight motor/ controller

• Advanced lithium‐ion phospate batteries
• NASCAR style safety cage/composite construction
ZAP Alias EV Information

ZAP Jonway Year 2010: Alias Project.
After the announced commercial agreement in January, between ZAP and Zhejiang Jonway Automobile, to produce electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs), cars and other electric vehicles in China for domestic and global distribution, more solid ties between the two companies started to solidify bounding the two through merge status announced in July.

The Alias project as been the masterpiece awaiting to be unleashed, included on the cooperation agreement from the very beginning, thanks to the Team involved on it which includes a diverse makeup of veteran automotive engineers, seasoned automotive  technicians, youthful enthusiastic talent, electric vehicle pioneers and master automotive craftsmen.

Currently adjustments within manufacturing plants of Zhejiang Jonway Automobile, will bring this dream to a wider EV market reality by the 3Q of 2011, fact that will allow ZAP Jonway to reach rapid growth within the EV industry.

Alias perspective of 2010.

This was one of the busiest years for the stylish electric roadster:
(11th - 24th ) January 2010
Detroit Auto ShowThe battery-powered ZAP Alias was displayed on Detroit's Electric Avenue, by many defined as a sci-fi film prop.
SSI(left)+ZAP Alias(middle)+Edison(right)
27th  January 2010
ZAP Alias Electric vehicle unveiled in Korea, Samyang Optics Co. Ltd. signed a distribution
agreement with ZAP for exclusive rights to manufacture, assemble and market ZAP’s
complete line of electrictrucks, vans, motorcycles, scooters and ATVs in Korea, including
the ZAP Alias.
ZAP Alias and Korean Entertainment Professionals

Auto X Prize Winner Splits Purse With Competitors

Published: October 18, 2010

An electric-car maker that edged out its competitors in a five-way tiebreaker to win the coveted Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize last month is sharing its $2.5 million award with its runners-up.

The margin of victory for Li-Ion Motors Corp. was less than two-tenths of a second in a 100-mile energy and performance run on a Michigan track in July. That was the tiebreaker used after all five entries achieved an average of at least 100 mpg or the equivalent (all were battery-electric vehicles).

But on the day of the tiebreaker, the leaders of four of the teams signed an agreement that whoever won would share the prize money.

"They all helped each other out," Automotive X Prize spokeswoman Carrie Fox said. "They all realized in helping each other out that it made sense to split the purse. It really speaks to the camaraderie of the competition."

Fox referred further questions to Li-Ion Motors leader Ron Cerven. Attempts to reach Cerven today were unsuccessful.



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