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EVs25  *Nov.5-Nov.8 Shenzhen* 
--ZAP Jonway's ambitious expansion in China, is just like, China's forwardness towards sustainable environmental management.

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  1. July 2010, ZAP confirmed an agreement with Jonway Group to acquire a majority stake in Zhejiang Jonway Automobile. The Chinese Department of Commerce in Zhejiang Province confirmed the approval of the aquisition in September 2010.

    This marks another new link from SINO-U.S. strategic alliances in the EV industry that is expected to catapult ZAP Jonway to a new platform, and with the expected Chinese Government incentives for battery makers, consumer purchases, and for charging infrastructure, this implies that our work is generating the right impact. We are really changing the world.

    Let's keep up with the good work because effective strategies are already designed.


  2. I'm really happy to see that the acquisition is approval.

  3. It is a beginning, we have a lot of things to do,as a part of the company,we are looking forward the development of our company and we all try our best to do the right valuable work~


  5. My perspctive on that first EVS 25 day in Shenzhen was an outstanding experience.

    The World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS) series, organized by World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), is a recognized event for academic, government and industry professionals involved in electric drive technologies, for which ZAP Jonway showed off some of its most up to date electric vehicles (Zappy 3's, Zapino's, ATV Dude and the Electric Taxi/SUV).

    Attention was distributed among all the ZAP Jonway lineup, the A380 Sports Utility Vehicle/Taxi with an all-electric drive train engineered by ZAP and its twin brother with the new REMY Electric Motors advanced prototype, generated an overwhelming traffic within ZAP Jonway booth. Some visitors demanding conversion to HONG KONG and UK steering wheel position, others needed a full report on the vehicle approval for European Union standards, others asked for an opportunity to fit their technological capabilities into one of our A380 chassis, while engineers representative of competing companies just couldn’t avoid to learn more about the vehicle.

    The ATV DUDE was on the subsequent visitors head-turner. Representatives from different levels of Chinese and international companies, inquired about the vehicle for personal use and others for regional distribution.

    Not far behind were the ZAPPY's, which had a consistent streak through the whole event, thanks to the easy test drive availability within the stand.

    Enthusiasts and friends of ZAP and Jonway were all around the booth Lotus Engineers, Japanese Media Reporters, renown Chinese Automobile Industry reporters, and other supporters who where received by representatives from ZAP Jonway, partner companies and high executives from ZAP (Chief Operating Officer and our Beijing Office Manager), and from Jonway (Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Jonway Group and others).

    The ZAP Alias electric car, a recent finalist in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition, wasn't able to be on display for these event.

    Within our booth there was also showing a new line of lithium battery powered electric motorcycles, new charging station from Better World Limited and a multi-lingual team with smiles and answers.

  6. This time we get the opportunity to present our EVs in Shenzhen, China;to let many people to know our achievements in EV area; I have honor to take part in the EVS25 and to introduce our fleets to various visitor, which I found a great number of people have interests on our company and electric vehicle industry.

  7. I have uploaded some photos during the EVS-25 on my blog


    That is our Album!~

  9. I update my blog, welcome all of you come~

  10. it's winter in beijing,we post tips on our zapjonway beijing facebook about how to maintain our electric car~
    and I attach our address here:!/profile.php?id=100001877140633

  11. Hope I can find the right person for our team~

  12. I'm expecting the change of our blog, angle~~~~

  13. Our excellent intern Angel is uncertain about finishing promoting blog,哎呦喂,Ungelivable...

  14. wow!~this word is so popular!--"ungelivable"!

    look this!

  16. Guys/Girls,....Christmas is almoust here...any good ....sorry i mean GREAT plans for the venue....???
    I mean something better than "

    * 去逛街吗?

    right now I'm alergic to this suggestion...!!!

    new inputs please...

  17. I did try to avoid buying new toys this holidays, but ideas and dreams are not moving away from my head after checking the report on the Top 10 Green Vehicles from the X-Prize published on

    Number 5 just keeps popping in my head again and piggy bank already have a timetable established jijijij.

    Check it at:

  18. The red ALIAS on the XPRIZE show is really cool, ZAP ALIAS received most of the attention.




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