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Alias Vitals:
Speed: Up to 100 MPH
Intelligent, universal input on-board recharge system
100% electric
Range: 100+ miles per full charge
0-60: 7.8 seconds
Regenerative braking
Computerized power management
Rack and pinion steering
Front wheel drive
Power windows and locks
Integrated GPS system
Theater satellite stereo
3-passenger Euro-racing seating

Jointly designed by a respected team of European and US automotive engineers, the freeway-friendly Alias commands respect. Under its sleek, composite skin you will discover an engineer’s masterpiece in form, fit and technological advancements.

ZAP Electric SUV/Taxi
ZAP Electric SUV/Taxi Vitals:
Range(km): 200/300*
Top Speed(kmph):128
DC to DC converter:800-1200W,13.4voutput
Included equipment:PS,PB,A/C,PW
Warranty:Limited 3-year
Classification:Zero Emission Vehicle
*Depending on battery/motor combination

The electric taxi is an electric SUV based on the Jonway A380 with an electric drivetrain designed and integrated by ZAP.The new ZAP electric SUV/Taxi is a technical breakthrough, the result of remarkably smart engineering and innovative design.Attractive for its utility and large capacity,this roomy 5-passenger vehicle is responsive and nimble.Rear seats are easily removed to create a large,fully carpeted cargo bay.

Length: 159" 
Width: 60" 
Off Road Payload:1900lbs 
Turning Radius:177" 
Ground Clearance:6.75" 
Charger: 110v on board 
Bed Dimensions:59"W, 98.5"L, 12.3"H 
Options:Increased range,power and speed options,air-conditioning,above-bedutility rack,solar panel,and custom topper options
Classifications  Zero Emission Vehicle

The new Zaptruck XL is designed to be the “green” backbone of fleet operations. A tough, durable workhorse with a roomy cab for two and a convertible bed/platform for moving cargo, ideal for corporate campuses, airports, warehouses, universities, factories, military bases, and municipal operations.  
Plenty of power, whisper quiet, zero emissions, economical to operate and easy on the budget.

Length: 138" 
Width: 54" 
Off Road Payload:910lbs 
Cargo Capacity:108cu.ft. 
Turning Radius:177" 
Charger: 110v on board 
Options:Increased speed, range power options, air conditioning, solar panel  
Classifications   Zero Emission Vehicle

The new Shuttle is the first 100% electric passenger or cargo van, exclusively from ZAP. 
Designed for utility and large capacity, this 4-passenger vehicle quickly converts to an all-cargo configuration. 
Large slider doors on both sides provide convenient access. 
Added to your “green” fleet, the Shuttle moves people around the campus, the factory, and from parking lot to the front door quickly and economically. Recharge it at any electrical outlet.

ZAPPY3 Standard Vitals:
Speed:Up to 12 mph* 
Range:Up to 15 miles*
Motor:320 watt 
Charging Time:brushless motor
Battery:4-6 hours
Battery Type:2 batteries
Tires:36V 7.5 Ah
Color:Sealed lead acid
Box Size:30 x 19 x 26 in.
Scooter Weight:72 lbs

The go-anywhere/anytime electric scooter with great range and maneuverability. Loads of fun to ride. Rock solid stable and responsive.

ZAP DUDE Vitals:  
Speed:Up to 25mph*  
Range:Up to 25 miles* 
Motor:48V DC motor 
Continuous Power:4 kW 
Peak Horse Power:12 HP 
Charging Time: 4-6 hours 
Battery: AGM,110Ah 
Length: 76" 
Seat Height:30" 
Turning Radius: 124" 
Drive: RWD 
Weight:707 lbs 
Tongue Weight:86lbs 
Weight Capacity: 290lbs 
Tow Capacity:650 lbs 
Rack Capacity: 100lbs.-front&rear

ZAP introduces the ZAP DUDE a formidable100% electric plug-in ATV. Powerful and silent, the DUDE climbs hills with ease and works exceptionally well around warehouse complexes, ranches, outlots, corporate campuses, commercial farms or on security patrol.  
The Dude is responsive and remarkably maneuverable. It has two racks, each capable of a 100-pound load. A standard trailer hitch on the rear tongue enables towing a 2 or 4-wheel trailer hauling up to 650 pounds of cargo.

ZAP Jonway now offers a complete line of exciting, new Zapino e-Motorcycles ranging from 500w to 7,000w, all built to exacting standards to assure performance, durability, reliability, stability and safety. You can select either Silicone or Li-ion battery systems.
Enjoy carefree motoring knowing you are being environmentally responsible and contributing to the Green Revolution.
Zapino. The new quality standard in e-Motorcycles.

Xebra Sedan
The ZAP Xebra is the offspring of more than three decades of thought and evolution - created as a breed by itself.
Providing you with a range up to forty miles with the ideal driving conditions, the ZAP Xebra Sedan provides you and up to three passengers with zero-emissions travel as well as rear hatchback with spacious carrying capacity.
Forget about gas stations, oil spills, and fumes forever! A Xebra's appetite is meager and you can recharge it at any 110V electrical outlet.
Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, Xebras produce 90% fewer pollutants than most current gas-powered cars.

For more information: http://www.zapworld.com/zap-fleet



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