The Second Day of EVs25 in Shenzhen

Nov.6, Saturday, Today is second day of Shenzhen EVs25.There are more visitors than yesterday because many people is on their vacation. There is no doubt they choose going to the electric vehicle exhibition.

We introduce our EV to visitors, including professionals in specific area of electric vehicle industry, dealer of EVs and fans of electric cars. Our well-designed vehicle and four companies products(ZAP, Jonway, Remy electric motor and Betterworld zCharger exhibited in our stands attract the eyeballs of vistors.

ZAP Jonway's CEO Steven Schneider come to the exhibition booths to have an interview with related professionals.

ZAP Jonway EV25 in Shenzhen

It is our first day in EV25 Shenzhen.A great number of people had great interested in our electric vehicle. We exhibited our SUV/Taxi,Dude,Zappy3 in the show.
Our main task is to introduce our electric vehicle to visitors,and distribute our brochure and little present to them. Many people were attracted by our creative EVs, especially ZAPPY3, a lot of people have a try to drive zappy, which have a deep impression on ZAP Jonway's EV and the new company.
ZAP Jonway SUV


ZAP Dude

Our partner Remy Electric Motors



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