X PRIZE Vote- A Winner: ZAP Alias


The Alias did exceptionally well at the Progressive X PRIZE, surviving from the original 115 teams down to the finalists. The ZAP Alias scored 121.8 MPGe, putting it among the elite 9 cars in the competition. It was clearly the best overall handling car from its performance in the Consumer Reports' emergency lane change, skid pad, acceleration, freeway acceleration and braking tests.

  • "Most Stylish"- Winner!
    • "Most Practical"- Winner!
    • "Most Wanted" - Winner!
    • "Most Innovative" - Second Place! 

    Congratulations! ZAP Alias Move on to the Final Round of Automative X Prize!


    The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, a $10 million competition to inspire a new generation of super fuel efficient vehicles, announced today the Finalist teams who have survived all on-track testing at Michigan International Speedway (MIS), and who now move into a Validation stage before prize money will be awarded this September.

    What began as a field of 136 vehicles from 111 teams has now been narrowed to an elite group of nine vehicles from just seven teams that have proven they can meet the strictest requirements of this competition, including the ability to achieve at least 90 MPGe on the way toward the ultimate 100 MPGe requirement and to survive grueling dynamic safety and range tests.  The teams represent a wide variety of backgrounds that include emerging start ups, entrepreneurs and universities from around the world. All have proven that they can more than handle a variety of very difficult real-world scenarios.

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