China is pushing the development of EV/HEV

According to RolandBerger Source:China is actively developing a domestic market for electrified powertains- at least 15% EV and PHEV to be expected in 2020.

• The Chinese Government launched many new energy policies in recent


• China realized that they can not close technology gap in internal

combustion engine based mobility soon – focus new energy

• With the "Automobile Industry Revitalization" the government defines

imported steps towards "New Energy Vehicles"

• According to recently published Auto Industry Revitalization Plan, new

industry policies will likely bring substantial fiscal policy

• The MOST and MOF already gave out a circular on subsidy in 13 Tier1

and Tier 2 cities, in order to industrialize the PHEV/EV vehicles technology:

EUR 6,800 for battery electric vehicles

• We expect EV infrastructure in 2020 to cover cities having > 1.000 USD

GDP/capita – that accounts for 46% of total PV sales

• Domestic EV and PHEV sales volume are expected to exceed 15% (1,6 m.

units) in 2020 – significant upside in 3-wheelersat le

(Source: Roland Berger 090421_PT2020_E-Mobility_CHINA_Study.PPTX 5)

ZAP press conference to Chinese media

ZAP, a U.S. electric vehicle pioneer, is hosting a press

conference on Wednesday, April 21, Yves Saint Laurent Shoes at 2 PM to introduce its design and engineering expertise to the Chinese media as well as outline production plans

to bring allelectric vehicles to the Chinese market.

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